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Backups should be your insurance policy against Ransomware attacks, providing the ability to restore your production environment to a stable state. It comes as no surprise that sophisticated Malware is now heading straight for your backups and compromising everything there before heading for your live systems.


Blocky for Veeam® is especially designed to protect your Veeam backups by denying any unauthorized data access to application processes that may have breached other security measures such as firewall and anti-virus scanners.

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Key Facts & Features

85% of Ransomware attacks target Windows systems

Blocky turns the Windows NTFS/ReFS volumes(s) of the Veeam Repository Server into a protected device.

Security you cannot afford to be without

A Ransomware attack will take place every 11 seconds by 2021. The average cost of a Ransomware attack in 2019 was £100,000.

Simple installation

Blocky is easy to install with a filter driver tightly coupled to the Windows OS, but only requiring minimal system resources

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Protection even if compromised

Blocky will continue to protect against Malware even if a virus has entered the program and damaged the Blocky software.

Rapid attack recovery

Unlike solutions based on offsite storage media or cloud-based strategies, Blocky protects your local archives for the fastest possible recovery time.

Cost effective insurance

Blocky for Veeam is priced based on the total backup disk volume capacity and insignificant compared to the costs of a successful Ransomware attack.


Considerations for a Cyberattack Crisis

Veeam Backup Protection for Branch & Remote Offices

Cybercriminals look for multiple routes to infiltrate a network, so accordingly cybersecurity measures need to be equally as comprehensive. In the context of protecting Veeam backup files and the storage volumes that hold them, there are many recommended best practices. Unfortunately, some of these measures may not be practical for branch or remote office deployment due to resource limitations or other logistical challenges.


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